Breast Lift / Breast Uplift

With or Without Augmentation

Breast lift, also known as breast uplift or mastopexy, is a suitable procedure for someone who is either born with, or has developed drooping breasts. Women may develop drooping breasts as a result of the normal ageing process due to gravity or after the changes induced by pregnancy and breast feeding. When women are happy with the size (volume) of the breast but unhappy with the drooping, then a breast lift is a suitable procedure for them . The appearance of sagging breasts may cause physical and emotional problems. A breast uplift or mastopexy may be the answer for such patients.
We offer consultations with highly trained and experienced consultant plastic surgeons, who have specialist training in breast plastic surgery and are based in the Nothwest. All our surgeons are, or have been NHS consultants with accredited UK training. This will ensure you are fully informed about the procedure, its limitations, the likely outcome and potential risks/complications.


Breast uplift can be undertaken with a number of different techniques. The breast lift procedure involves remoulding the breast tissue, moving the nipple to a more appropriate position on the breast and removing any excess skin from the breast. The suitable technique (and there are many) of breast uplift depends upon the assessment carried out at the time of consultation by your plastic surgeon. Your surgeon will make recommendations after examining you and discussing your aspirations and desires. All Mastopexy (breast uplift) techniques involve some scarring to the breast. The usual scar is an anchor shaped scar but a vertical scar technique or a peri-areolar scar (Benelli) may be used where appropriate. The longevity of the resulting uplift depends to some extent on the quality of the breast tissues in an individual and cannot be guaranteed.

After the procedure, the breast tissues are both swollen and tense. This results in the appearance of a greater lift and firmer appearance that will slowly change over the subsequent 3 – 4 weeks. The breasts will soften and drop a little and settle into their final shape in about 6 weeks time.
The surgery will not take away the effects of gravity and over time, the breasts will slowly droop again.Alternative techniques:

A breast uplift can be combined with breast enlargement (implants) when there is not enough tissue in selected cases. When a small augmentation is desired with an uplift, fat transfer, using a patients own fat, can be considered in appropriate patients. This depends on the amount of tissue available and the desires of the patient.

Risks and Potential complications:

All surgical procedures carry certain risks and there are limitations of what can be achieved. A full and frank discussion with the surgeon is the only way to gain a clear insight into the procedure and allow you to make an informed decision about your surgery.

Risks include
• Heamatoma
• Infection
• Scar problems
• Delayed healing
• Loss of tissue (necrosis)
• Dog ears
• Asymmetry (some asymmetry is likely.)
• Loss of a nipple
• Bottoming out of breast tissue
• DVT and PEAfter care:

All your care is directly with a consultant plastic surgeon and all your after care is directly with, or under, the supervision of your consultant.
Following your surgery, you will be given detailed instructions regarding the care you need to exercise. You will have the ability to get in touch with us any time, day or night should the need arise.
We operate a lifetime aftercare policy, and you will be followed up until you are fully healed. In the event of a complication which is directly the result of your surgery, we will provide treatment, where possible, free of cost to you for up to a year after your surgery.

All our consultant Plastic surgeons are based in the North West and live in or near Liverpool. The surgeons who perform this surgery have specialist training and expertise in breast plastic surgery.

For further details, please follow this link for more information about breast uplift .

Key Information

Duration of Surgery1.5 -2.5hours
Hospital Stayday case or 1 night
Recovery Period (approx)2-4 weeks

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