Facelift is fast becoming a common and satisfying aesthetic surgical procedures. It may remove wrinkles and tighten the skin of the lower face and neck. Excess fat can be removed or sculpted as needed. The facelift may give you a more youthful fresher natural appearance, avoiding a stretched mask like over-operated appearance. Your expectations must be realistic, since there are limitations to what it can accomplish. Media, articles and TV may lead you to believe a facelift is a simple procedure; in fact, it is real surgery.

When a facelift is performed by a fully trained cosmetic surgeon the result can be pleasing. However, every face is unique, very few if any are symmetrical and surgery is tailored to the individual needs. There can be never be a guarantee of a specific result.

Key Information

Duration of Surgery 4 – 5 hours
Hospital Stay2 days
Recovery Period (approx)4-6 weeks


Individuals vary greatly in their anatomy, their physical reactions, and their healing abilities, and the outcome is never completely predictable, when a facelift is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon, complications are few and usually minor. Complications that can occur include heamatoma (a collection of blood under the skin that must be removed by the surgeon), injury to the nerves that control facial muscles (usually temporary), loss of sensation around the ears, infection, asymmetry and poor healing of the skin (most likely to affect smokers).You can reduce your risks by closely following your surgeon’s advice both before and after surgery. If you smoke, you will be asked to stop smoking before surgery and avoid smoking till you have completely healed. We DONOT undertake facelifts on smokers.

Most of the women and men who would benefit from face lifting are between 40 and 70 years old. However, there are exceptions. Some people age prematurely and may consider improvement at an earlier age. Younger patients with early ageing changes may consider Thermage ( non surgical skin tightening) to achieve the results they desire.

All surgical procedures carry certain risks and there are limitations of what can be achieved. A full and frank discussion with the surgeon is the only way to gain a clear insight into the procedure and allow you to make an informed decision about your surgery.

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