Liposuction is ideally suited to remove stubborn areas of fat which are difficult to shift by diet and exercise alone and to improve the body shape at the same time. We offer liposuction to NorthWest residents who want to feel more comfortable with their bodies.
We undertake an advanced, mechanically enhanced liposuction technique (PAL system) to remove unwanted fat from specified areas. The techniue we use causes minimal brusing and swelling and allows quick recovery from the surgery. The Mcroaire system for liposuction (PAL) has been used for over a decade and has produced consistent high quality results.

Procedure   The procedure is carried out under Local (awake ) aneasthesia or general aneasthesia (asleep).

The liposuction starts with injection of a fluid into the area to be treated, this helps to reduce the brusing and swelling from the surgery. The surgeon makes small incisions around the area to be contoured, the liposuction tube attached to a vacuum is inserted into the area to be treated. The tube removes excess fat cells from the problem area. Consequences of liposuction include some swelling, bruising, and discomfort. However, these begin to disappear in a few days and patients can begin to enjoy the new contours of their bodies.

Though liposuction cannot promise perfection, the majority of liposuction patients are happy with their results and enjoy all the benefits of a leaner, more streamlined shape. A healthy life style following liposuction is essential to maintain the results.

Risks and potential complications

All surgery carries risks, however, complications are rare. Potential complications include haematoma (collection of blood in tissues), seroma (collection of tissue fluid in the tissues), infection, sensory changes, uneven surfaces, under and over correction of an area and asymmetry. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)and pulmonary embolism (PE) are serious and potentially life threatening complications.

After care

Your welbeing is our primary concern. We offer free followup for a year following liposuction. You will be seen by the surgeon who operated on you until you are fully healed. If there are any complications directly related to your surgery,( which can be corrected with surgery,) we will provide this at no extra cost to you for up to one year following your original date of surgery. Our aim is to give you as good a result as possible within the limits of what is possible with liposuction.There is no substitute for a full and frank discussion about liposuction with your plastic surgeon.

Key Information

Duration of Surgery1-3 hours
Hospital StayDay case – 1 night
Recovery Period (approx)2-4 weeks (Final result may take up to 3 months to show)

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