Uneven Breast Correction / Correction of Breast Asymmetry

Almost all women have some degree of breast asymmetry/breast unevenness. Uneven breasts/breast asymmetry can involve shape, size and nipple position or a combination of these problems. Tubular breast deformity may affect some women and often these patients present to the surgeon with a complaint of uneven breasts. Other reason for significant asymmetry can be Polands syndrome, where one breast fails to develop. In extreme cases a complete reconstruction is required. This type of surgery is usually complex and should only be carried out by an experienced Plastic surgeon with a special interest in breast surgery.
Minor degree does not require correction. However, when the asymmetry interferes with selection of clothing or psychological or sexual wellbeing of a person, corrective surgery can produce pleasing results. A combination of procedures may be used to achieve a greater degree of symmetry. Absolute symmetry is usually impossible.

Options for correction

Specialist plastic surgeon with vast experience of breast plastic surgery provides a range of techniques which can be used to improve symmetry of the breasts. In our clinic, this service is provided by NHS accredited consultant plastic surgeons who are based in the Northwest.
The techniques which can be used include
• Breast reduction
• Breast enlargement
• Breast reconstruction
• Uplift procedure with or without enlargement
• Fat transfer to breasts
• Tissue expansion

After examination and through discussion with the patient, the surgeon will decide on a plan to carry out a procedure or procedures to gain better symmetry for the patient.

All surgical procedures carry certain risks and there are limitations of what can be achieved. A full and frank discussion with the surgeon is the only way to gain a clear insight into the procedure and allow you to make an informed decision about your surgery.

For further details, please visit this link for more information about breast asymmetry correction.

Key Information

Duration of Surgery1-3 hours
Hospital Stayday case or 1 night
Recovery Period (approx)2 – 4 weeks

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